The Spider PRO is Great for Bad Backs

I got the Spider Pro from you at the PGA show last week.  I played a couple of times last week, and I loved it.  I especially like the thicker, stronger prongs on the Pro over the conventional Spider tool.  I used it for all of my round–even if I missed the green–so that I could fix extra ball marks on the greens.  I don’t even bother with my old Spider tool any more, as the Pro is so much easier to use.  I leave it telescoped out and put it into my golf bag just like an extra club.  When I reach the green I take my putter and the Spider Pro out of the bag and start fixing ball marks.


Art S. – S. Carolina

Spider Divot Tool – WOW!

I purchased 3 of your spider divot tools and let me tell you something. WOW! I love it. I gave 2 of them to my partners and they were also excited. I currently work with youth and I am constantly looking for ways to raise money for our program. I think a product like this would stand out. Thank you again….BTW I am purchasing 3 more for gifts right now.


Nathan R. – California

Spider PRO Is A Must Have Tool

I received my Spider Pro and wanted to say, “I wish every golfer had one of these in their bag”. As a superintendent, constantly repairing ball marks (divots) in the greens, this tool makes the job so easy. With the telescopic shaft it allows me to make the repairs without having to bend over. And talk about simple, just push in, and pull out. My cup cutter will have this tool with him every time he goes out. Thank you so much.


David N.

Insta Golf Customer Service

You and your team exceeded my every expectation with the level of professional and courteous service provided.  The Insta Golf travel shoes arrived and fit perfectly over my travel shoes.

William – Seattle, WA

Spider Divot Tool Used by PGA Tour Professional

PGA Tour Professional Javier Sanchez…

“I use the Spider Divot Tool for its ease of use and quick ball mark repairs”.

“It pulls up the indentation on the green so that you can’t even see there was a ball mark there in the first place.”

“Other divot tools poke and damage the ground, so ball marks take a long time to heal.”

“With the Spider Divot Tool, you can hardly tell you fixed a ball mark on the green, and you get faster recovery.”

Brad Zimmer – The Golf Sandbox

Spider Divot Tool…

There’s something very cool, very evolved about this tool and its operation.

Given the things I’ve seen tour players do to ensure a fair surface for their fellow competitors, it’s a wonder that The Spider isn’t compulsory.

Michael B. – Sweden

Spider Divot Tool…

I was a little skeptical about the spider divot tool, but the one you gave me worked beautifully on both new and old pitch marks on Bay Hill so I’m sold.

Spider Divot Tool…

The Spider Divot Tool developed by Insta Golf – is the best divot repair tool we’ve seen or used…