Frequently Asked Questions


How does the Spider Divot Tool™ work?

The stainless steel legs of the Spider Divot Tool™ are uniquely designed to gently pull the damaged area of the ball mark back toward the surface of the green. If the damaged area is soft, the tool may be twisted slightly for more traction. This action eliminates the need to dig, pry or push the surface of the green.


Some say twisting the Spider Divot Tool will also damage the roots of the grass – wouldn’t this be just as bad as using the traditional two prong divot tool.

The beauty of the Spider Divot Tool is the ability to use it in many different ways.  The tool may be inserted directly into the damaged area of the ball mark and pulled upward; it may be inserted and twisted slightly when pulled upward; or it may be inserted on the outside of the ball mark and pushed inward just like a traditional tool. If the tool is twisted too much, it could damage the roots of the grass; however, in our testing we learned even with a slight twist on soft surfaces the ball marks healed on average 30% quicker than ball marks repaired with a traditional divot tool.


How is the Spider Divot Tool™ constructed?

The Spider Divot Tool™ body is constructed of anodized aircraft grade milled aluminum. The legs are stainless steel.


Does the Spider Divot Tool™ require any maintenance?

Generally, the Spider Divot Tool™ is maintenance free. On occasion twisting the tool during ball mark repairs may cause the stainless steel legs to lean inward slightly causing the cap to seem loose. If this occurs, a simple outward realignment of the legs may be done with your finger.


Is it possible to get the Spider Divot Tool™ personalized?

The Spider Divot Tool™ may be easily laser engraved for personalization with your name or club logo. Additional quantity requirements and fees may apply. Please contact us at info@instagolf.net for prices and requirements.


Is the Cloudburst Rain Cover™ waterproof?

The Cloudburst Rain Cover is made of a high quality, water resistant nylon that will protect your golf bag and contents from sporadic rainfall.  It is designed to be used for situations where unexpected rain occurs for reasonable periods of time.


Is there a storage bag included?

Yes.  The small stuff sack is approximately 6” in length and may be easily stored in the pocket of your golf bag for another rainy day.


What is the size of the cover?

The Cloudburst Rain Cover is a full bag cover, which may be adjusted to half bag length.


What is actual size of the Cloudburst Rain Towel™?

The Cloudburst Rain Towel™ is 20”x12” when unfolded.


What are materials?

The exterior of the Cloudburst Rain Towel™ is constructed on a high quality water resistant nylon.  The inside of the towel is a high quality microfiber. The towel may be attached to the golf bag with a metal carabineer. The Cloudburst Rain Towel is machine washable.


What are zippers on sides for?

 The Cloudburst Rain Towel™ is designed to be opened fully to permit coverage of the top of the golf bag or to allow complete use of the inside microfiber towel for drying. The Cloudburst Rain Towel™ also has a zippered accessory pocket for storage of dry gloves, tees, etc.



Can the Cloudburst Rain Towel and Cover™ be personalized?

Yes – our rain towel and rain cover are excellent golf accessories for golf tournaments or corporate events.  Contact us at info@instagolf.net for more information about our custom personalization program.


Why are Insta Golf Shoes™ better for me to wear at the golf course?

When we asked golfers, “if you could have your choice, what shoes would you like wear when playing golf“, almost everyone answered “my tennis shoes.”  The reasons are simple; tennis shoes are typically very comfortable and well designed, and they provide tremendous balance and stablility for sports.  Only problem is, tennis shoes often lack sufficient traction for golf.  The Insta Golf Shoes™ affords golfers the opportunity to wear their favorite tennis shoes and still have the traction and stability required for golf.


 What kind of shoes can I use my Insta Golf Shoes™ with?

You can wear Insta Golf Shoes™ with athletic shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes or work boots. (Sorry, high heels & larger boots are out.) Due to their design, Insta Golf Shoes will fit some shoes better than others.


How do I attach Insta Golf Shoes™ to my shoes?

Insta Golf Shoes™ have an Elastomer tension-fit binding system that will keep them snugly in place.

Insta Golf Shoes™ are not fond of high heat and should not be left out in direct sunlight or in a stuffy car.


Should I pre-stretch my Insta Golf Shoes™ before I try them on for the first time?

Yes, pre-stretching your new Insta Golf Shoes™ will allow for an easier first time fit. We recommend you place the Insta Golf Shoes on your shoes first and then put the shoe on your foot.  This will permit you to adjust the Insta Golf Shoes without the strain of bending over for a prolonged period of time.


How should I store my Insta Golf Shoes™?

Remove the cleats (recommended, but not required) and store them in a dry area. Insta Golf Shoes should not be stored in any high heat location for lengthy periods of time (such as porches or in cars.)


Will my Insta Golf Shoes™ cleats stretch out, making them not fit over time?

Insta Golf Shoes™ are made out of a special elastomer compound that allows them to have a great memory and are designed to hold their shape. However, if left on a pair of shoes or crumpled up in a closet, they may change their shape slightly.


On what surfaces can I wear Insta Golf Shoes™?

Insta Golf Shoes an be worn on most surfaces found outdoors. They are not intended for indoor use and can scratch floors and catch on carpeting.


How do I replace the cleats?

The cleats can be changed very easily with a standard golf shoe spike tool.


What is your return/warranty policy?

If you receive the Insta Golf Shoes and they do not fit properly or you are dissatisfied for any reason, you may return the Insta Golf Shoes for a full refund of your purchase price.  Like any golf shoe, if the Insta Golf Shoes are worn, we will not accept them for a return.  Refunds do not include shipping costs.  Insta Golf Shoes carry a one year warranty against defects in material or workmanship.


How do I know what size to order?

Check out our Size Chart. Select your shoe size and find the corresponding Insta Golf Shoes™ size. If you are between two sizes, order the smaller size if you are buying them primarily for tennis shoes and the larger if you are getting them for boots. A close fit is all you need; it doesn’t need to be exact.